Insanely Unregulated Synthetic Biology: A New Set of Genetic Engineering Techniques

Synthetic biology is the practice of artificially constructing genetic material such as DNA in order to create new forms of life or attempt to 'reprogram' existing organisms, such as yeast and algae. Synthetic biology companies claim that they can now generate millions of new, untested organisms per day. If a fraction of these synthetic organisms were released, the potential effects on health, the environment and farmer's livelihoods are wide-ranging - from relatively benign to ecological and economic disruption.

The New York Times reported on Friday that synthetic biology ingredients are rapidly entering consumer products and food in absence of adequate health and environmental safety assessment, regulations or labeling.

"While other types of pollution can be cleaned up and do not breed, synbio organisms are designed to reproduce and, once released into the environment, they will be impossible to recall," said Dana Perls of Friends of the Earth-U.S.

Source: Groups Call on Ecover and Method to Drop Extreme Genetic Engineering Plans.


Tom Usher

This is not a good development. Nothing should be allowed on the market until it has been shown to be safe. The EPA and FDA are doing an extremely bad job. They are revolving doors for dangerous polluters hellbent on making as much money as they can while they're still alive and posterity be damned. It's sociopathic. The system, the establishment, is certifiably insane.

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