Reagan Loophole: Industry Dumps Radioactive Fracking Waste

Reagan, of course, downhill ever since:

For most industries, a federal law, the Resource Recovery and Conservation Act, requires that hazardous materials (haz-mat) be closely tracked and disposed of under tight controls. Shippers must maintain a manifest that tracks every ounce as haz-mat moves from cradle to grave.

But under an exception to that federal law, crafted in 1988, much of the oil and gas industry's toxic waste is not regulated by the EPA's haz-mat rules. Although agency officials discovered strong evidence that the waste was dangerous, pressure from the Reagan White House kept their conclusions out of the report that the agency ultimately delivered to Congress.

With the shale gas rush bringing an unprecedented wave of drilling onshore, the job of keeping tabs on the industry's toxic waste is in the hands of state regulators.


Tom Usher

Source: Loopholes Enable Industry to Evade Rules on Dumping Radioactive Fracking Waste | DeSmogBlog.

Ronald Reagan was a total disaster as President: Pathetic. We'll be paying for it for generation after generation. That's not saying much for the others who've been President either.

The only President in my lifetime who has gone up in my estimation is John F. Kennedy, and he was no saint but still the best in my life. I say that because I know what he was trying to achieve in terms of peace that went unheralded and is still largely unknown by the general population.

I'm convince that the peace efforts he was working on were basically why he was murdered by the group that arranged it and carried it out. I think Richard Nixon and Lyndon Johnson knew all about it too. I don't know how involved either was or at all.

Many people say Johnson actually was in on it so he could become President. It has been suggested that Nixon meant the murder of JFK when Nixon said that the difference between Johnson and him is that he, Nixon, wasn't willing to commit murder to gain the office.

What with Nixon and Watergate and the secret bombing of Cambodia, etc., and Johnson and the Gulf of Tonkin and the USS Liberty, etc., who could put anything past either of them?

Nevertheless, I hold them in higher regard than I do Ronald Reagan (the Teflon President; Iran-Contra, the October Surprise, and on and on and on; mostly though, the beginning of the dismantling of the regulations that would have prevented the Great Recession and much more: dangerous environmental degradation for one).

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