She's right but also wrong: Marine Le Pen full interview

Elections to the European Parliament have brought groundbreaking changes in the structure of EU's most powerful body: right wing parties along with Eurosceptics, an outsiders just a few years ago, have now taken the political scene. Front Nacional party in France gets the majority - signifying that people want change; the same with other nations. But what now? Is the European change of course inevitable? What will happen to the Union itself? Today, we meet again with our special guest, the leader of the Front Nacional party. Marine Le Pen is on Sophie&Co today.

The problem with European integration isn't European integration. It's the stupid way they've gone about it.

Should the US break up into 50 nations? Should every US state break up along county lines? Exactly where does such disintegration end, and just how much would each of those new nation-states, some of them tiny, protect civil and human rights, etc.?


Tom Usher

The people of the world aren't doing a good job in the way they treat each other, but I'm sure disintegration for its own sake would only make matters worse.

What needs to happen to the EU is a major overhaul to correct the glaring deficiencies that people, myself included, pointed out when the whole project was first designed.

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