Tom Usher on Alex Jones' statement not to shoot police officers


Tom Usher

Alex says to not shoot the police. Where does he draw the line?

If they enter his house even with a warrant and quickly start pushing his family around even firing weapons wounding his family to get him to react or cower, would it be self-defense and legal for him to start killing them right there?

If he were to do that even as self-defense against extremely unlawful, injurious, even fatal force against his family, more and more and more of the police would come to get him (if he were to even survive the first wave). Sadly, they wouldn't come to Alex's defense against bad cops. They'd stick together no matter how bad the orders or how bad anyone is within their ranks, and that's the problem. He'd either give up or fight to the death or escape to fight another time, but wouldn't he then be in a real war, a revolution, a violent revolution to overthrow what is called the government of the United States?

When does the time come for all good-hearted police officers to quit because of the ones who are within their ranks who are routinely getting away with horrendous and unwarranted violence? I ask because when do all police officers become legitimate targets in the war I just described?

All of this is deadly serious. There's fighting all over the world. It can happen here. It's happened before. We had our Revolutionary War. We had our Civil War. There have been other battles as well.

I too say to not shoot the police; but then again, I also say to do as Jesus said to do. Alex Jones on the other hand, doesn't say that. He says that anyone who doesn't fight back is mentally ill. I say Jesus was not only not mentally ill but was the sanest person I've ever heard of. Alex Jones is not as sane as was Jesus Christ, not even close.

If he keeps it up, I don't see how Alex will survive, frankly.

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