Why I'm Not Surprised: "Chris Hedges is a Pulitzer Winner, a Lefty Hero, & a Plagiarist"

If you read the linked article and don't definitely agree with the following paragraph, I suggest you are likely suffering from a case of cognitive dissonance.

chris-hedges-ledeI asked two journalism ethicists to look at the instances of plagiarism described throughout this piece. “These examples suggest not inadvertent plagiarism,” said Kelly McBride, who runs the Ethics Department at the journalism school the Poynter Institute, “but carefully thought out plagiarism meant to skirt the most liberal definition of plagiarism.” Robert Drechsel, the director of the Center for Journalism Ethics at the University of Wisconsin-Madison, noted that the use of material from Klein, Postman, and Hemingway “could be characterized as something that has come to be called ‘patchwriting.’ English and writing professors Sandra Jamieson and Rebecca Moore Howard have defined it as ‘restating a phrase, clause, or one or more sentences while staying close to the language or syntax of the source.’ Whether it happens intentionally, carelessly, or as an oversight, it’s a very serious matter.”

Source: Chris Hedges is a Pulitzer Winner, a Lefty Hero, & a Plagiarist. | New Republic.


Tom Usher

I've often agreed with Chris Hedges on a number of points but have come to distrust his intellectual integrity because of how he completely distorted and/or ignored the authentic Christian message where his father (an apostate Presbyterian minister), uncle (his father's brother and homosexual), and the issue of homosexuality are concerned. See my post: On homosexuality: Not a fight with Chris Hedges but a direct challenge for him on his father and mine.

The clear and blatant plagiarism documented in The New Republic article is simply consistent. Honesty is not Chris Hedges' strong point.

We all fail. The question is whether we admit it, even to ourselves, and then repent and atone.

Will Chris Hedges join himself to the real Jesus Christ, not the one his father misled him to?

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