Tom Usher on Alex Jones' "Proof We Run Al-Qaeda: Special Report - YouTube"

Updated July 11, 2014:

Video description:

Alex Jones breaks down the exploding conflict in Iraq with Al-Qaeda, and how the link between the US and Syrian rebels is unfolding.Iraq has privately signaled to the Obama administration that it would allow the U.S. to conduct airstrikes with drones or manned aircraft against al Qaeda militant targets on Iraqi territory, senior U.S. officials said Wednesday.


Tom Usher

The US did not put Saddam Hussein in with a plan of later taking him out to destabilize the area. The US backed Hussein for Balance of Power and Containment reasons. It was George W. Bush who came in and screwed that up because he was ignorant and not willing to listen to older and wiser heads.

The US did not overthrow Mubarak so that the Muslim Brotherhood could come to power. The US was looking for a secular, democratic solution to Mubarak after those who started the uprising actually began. The US did know about the general plan because it listened to the planners, who wanted US backing, which they really didn't get very much at all.

Libya didn't have to fall under Obama except that Qaddaffi (his spelling) shot off his huge mouth and threatened a literal bloodbath rather than working for reforms that would have precluded al Qaeda. Obama had to be dragged kicking and screaming to support the overthrow of Qaddaffi.

The idea that al Qaeda is headed for Baghdad so that Southern Iraq will become part of Saudi Arabia is nothing short of ignorant. Al Qaeda can't stand the Saudi Royal family and wants them out. Al Qaeda would never take territory to hand it over to the Saudis.

Alex keeps pointing to Shia Southern Iraq as if it will fall under Saudi Arabia.

Pretty much nothing that Alex Jones has said is going to happen.

Alex likes to think he understands geopolitics, but he is a gross amateur at best.

The most correct thing Alex mentioned is the murder of Christians for being Christians. The Progressives are secretly glad because Christians are seen as the main enemy in the US due to homosexuality, which the Progressives apparently wallow in. The Republicans are mostly neocons/Zionists who put Israel first before Christians who may happen to be Iraqis or Syrians or Lebanese or whatever. Those "Christian" Zionists are first and foremost against the nationalities the Zionist Israelis claim are out to get the Jewish Zionists in Israel. Those "Christian" Zionists are closet racists stemming from, among other parts of the Bible, The Book of Ezra, which is a racist, anti-Christ Book, just as passages in the Bible attributed to Moses and calling for stoning of people are anti-Christ, per Jesus Christ.

The last thing self-styled Christians who call themselves Zionist want are for real Christians to be saved in the flesh. Well, they are being martyred for Jesus. They will receive their reward for their faithfulness.

Update July 11, 2014: Since the time I wrote the above, it has become clear to the mainstream that the Saudis are not in bed with ISIS. That's filtering into the alternative news. Here's Bill Still's quick report on it:

So, you can now see from other sources and from actual events that have already unfolded, Alex Jones was way off the mark.

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