"... no serious academics are Truthers ...." Hogwash!

Over on Facebook, Paul Street posted about a woman who according to Paul, wrote, "The root cause of everything wrong in America today is the false flag event of 9/11/2001." Paul couldn't stand it. Many of Paul's FB "friends" chimed in on a host of aspects concerning the woman's statement and Paul's reaction. I left the following:

It isn't that 9/11 is the root but the root of 9/11.

9/11 happened on the neocons' watch. The left is split unevenly on the issue. Many leftists are also Zionists. Are there non-Zionist neocons?

The NIST Report is the official version of WTC7 coming down. It attempted to supply a theory based upon evidence for why and how the building fell. As for that, I suggest you read "Researchers Find Flaws in NIST’s WTC7 Theory": http://www.scientistsfor911truth.org/


Tom Usher

I don't know exactly who knew what and when, but I'm convinced that many highly placed neocons knew a great deal.

As for the libertarians, I'm not one of them; but I know many of them say many correct things concerning various governmental operations and projects down through the centuries, which operations and projects show a clear pattern of lying on a massive scale.

Decent people of the left are pro-good government, as they see it. How much cognitive dissonance goes on concerning just how bad the US government can be?

Coming full circle, is the "Jewish" issue the issue? It shouldn't be. We should be able to separate Jews from Zionists.

I don't think Jews of the left should fear 9/11 at all but rather embrace it, those parts that clearly stand up, which the scientistsfor911truth.org piece appears to do and certainly vastly better than the NIST's efforts/false propaganda.

"... no serious academics are Truthers ...." Hogwash!

Part 2 is here.

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