Conspiracy debunked: The children from Central America are mostly refugees escaping horrendous violence

Libertarians in the US have been circulating conspiracies theories as to why tens of thousands of children have crossed into the US from Mexico. Those Libertarians claim that it is a plan by liberal Democrats to have more liberal voters in the US. Those claims are completely misguided and the result of typical knee-jerk analysis done by people who simply hate government and want laissez-faire (anarchistic) capitalism, capitalism without any governmental restraints at all or nearly so. Anything less than that they call collectivism and socialism and use those terms as being synonymous with pure evil, as if publicly owned, non-toll sidewalks have somehow been conjured up by those with bad intentions.

Conspiracy debunked: The children from Central America are mostly refugees escaping horrendous violenceWhile rumors of increasingly lenient immigration policies appear to have partly fueled the mass exodus from these countries, the U.S. government and immigration advocacy groups say explosive levels of violence in the region are to blame. The isthmus has become one of the deadliest fronts in the war against drugs, serving as a vital transportation hub and providing a constant stream of drug gang members who manage the trade. A 2013 report from the United Nations Office on Drugs and Crime cited Honduras as the country with the highest homicide rate in the world.


Tom Usher

Source: Honduras’ First Lady Says She Will Collect Her Country's Child Border-Crashers.

Don't get me wrong. I'm not one who claims all conspiracy theories are wrong. People conspire all the time. It's why people are prosecuted and rightly convicted for criminal conspiracies. They plan to commit crime. It's a frequent occurrence every day.

Barack Obama has reportedly said to the President of Mexico that the children won't be allowed to stay. Frankly, that's not up to him. We have laws that prevent us from returning people to places where there is a likelihood of violence against them. The children will be interviewed, and decisions will be made according to the law, not simply by order of Barack Obama. I hope the reporting on it is wrong and that he didn't say that in an unqualified manner, though it wouldn't surprise me.

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