Alex Jones Wrong Again: "Super Surge: 1 Million Illegals A Month To Crash Economy"

Here's Alex Jones' writer's description on YouTube:

Alex predicts that 5-8 months the super surge of illegals will lead to millions and tens of millions of illegals pouring across the border crashing economy, american civilization and leading to mass crime waves and marshall law

This is not going to happen. It's way off.

Word was spread in Central America that people should come here to the US, but that's being shut down now.

The Obama administration, as terrible as it is, does not want the US to be flooded the way Alex is claiming it does.


Tom Usher

Real refugees seeking legal political asylum in the US will be aided. Right now though, the Obama administration is working feverishly to prop up the Central American governments to get them to not appear so bad so then US immigration judges will be able to reject asylum applicants, who will have to return to their Central America nations or be taken in by some other countries.

That's what's really going on right now.

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