Wrong Emphasis: PTSD treatment for veterans appears to be ineffective

veterans-ptsdDespite spending billions of dollars a year to treat military service members and veterans with post-traumatic stress disorder, the government has little evidence that its efforts are working, according to a new report commissioned by Congress.

Source: LA Times - PTSD treatment for veterans appears to be ineffective, report finds.


Tom Usher

Look, over and over and over, we hear about this. What we don't hear and we should be hearing constantly is that war is wrong. War is causing PTSD. That's proof, among many proofs, that war is evil, unhealthy, and should be abolished.

Rather than do that though, the Pentagon is working on invasive processes that will render people's brains emotionless about horrendous violence before even engaging in war. In other words, the Pentagon is searching for ways to turn people into total sociopaths with zero consciences. It may as well be creating unfeeling killer-robots. Is that the America you want?

You'll also note that if you are even reading this, it's because you've managed to be connected to a site that has been highly marginalized on purpose to keep this very kind of idea from entering your mind because they don't want you to care. They want you to turn your back on the truth that war is hell brought to the Earth by morally and ethically deficient human beings.

You will also note that many of the people suffering from PTSD right now became sick with it by fighting in wars that were started based upon a pack of lies.

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