Michele Bachmann contributes to "age of insane anti-Semitism" - YouTube

Where is the proof that Iran has a nuclear-weapons program? There is none. Michele Bachmann is a liar. She knows there is no evidence at all. She is a lying "Christian" Zionist. She backs land thieves and war criminals.

She is echoing Benjamin Netanyahu, a proven liar, a man who was caught on video bragging about being able to deceive America's top leaders into doing what he wants them to do.

She is a neocon who wants the US to meddle everywhere, which is what causes the hyper-violent radicalization of many Muslims to begin with.

If the Zionists hadn't gone to Palestine and horned the people there off the land and if the US hadn't back those Zionists, the vast majority of the problems in the region spilling over into other parts of the world would not exist.


Tom Usher

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