Wrong: "Biden: Gay rights takes precedence over culture"

The Obama administration is pulling out all the stops in promoting homosexuality on a global basis. See: Biden: Gay rights takes precedence over culture - The Washington Post.


Tom Usher

Men sodomizing each other is a disgusting, filthy perversion. Nothing good has ever, or will ever, come from it. It is always harmful to one degree or another. Anyone willingly engaging in it or promoting it, as many members of the Obama administration are, is promoting immorality and the destruction of the obviously correct family structure that is best: A father (born male), a mother (born female), and their children. Where such structure is not a choice because someone has died or the like, it is completely different than the choice of attempting to form a family around the fundamental error and lie that is homosexuality.

Homosexuality is a mental and spiritual disorder. Homosexuals need help to overcome their disease state. Such help is available and has worked for many thousands. Homosexuals should not be encouraged in, or celebrated in, homosexual sex acts at all for any reason whatsoever.

Nations that cave into the degradation that is homosexuality will suffer further degradation as a direct result. It is not possible to wall off homosexuality and its negative impacts upon society where it is allowed, tolerated, celebrated, etc.

I am not advocating violence against homosexuals. I am advocating that people tell the truth about homosexuality rather than spew homosexual false propaganda. Joe Biden and Susan Rice and Barack Obama and others are spreading untruths. They are misleading youth into falsely believing that there is nothing wrong with homosexuality, that engaging in it will not lead to any problems, that becoming homosexual is not the result of something gone wrong, such as for one, homosexual sexual abuse perpetrated upon impressionable and vulnerable children.

Jesus Christ taught that marriage is one man and one woman. Anything else is either adultery or fornication, both of which he condemned and rightly so. He taught a stricter code of morality. He relaxed no sexual standards whatsoever. He closed hypocritical holes in what was considered the law of God at the time. His closest disciples marveled at how much stricter he, Jesus, was making things.

The homosexuals would have you falsely believe that Jesus relaxed everything and was silent on homosexuality. What Jesus did and said, what he taught, what he preached, logically results in a complete prohibition against homosexual behavior and even calls upon those inflicted with it to overcome the spirit of it, to cast it out and to not allow it to return ever again.

You can cave into homosexuality and loosen the moral standards, but do not be surprised when things go from bad to worse as a result.

As for those societies that have outlawed homosexuality, Jesus outlawed it too. The question is how to deal with homosexuals, not whether to pronounce what they do as fine and good and more than acceptable.

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