The slippery slope is very, very real: "Legalize polygamy: Marriage equality for all"

To match feature USA-MORMONS/POLYGAMYIn this post, Legalize polygamy: Marriage equality for all, the argument is that generally, not only are homosexual-headed "families" just as healthy as heterosexual ones but so too can polygamous ones be if only we will simply not care to try to preserve heterosexual-monogamous marriages as the only legal marriages in the US.


Tom Usher

Where does this end? It doesn't. Their fall doesn't end. It is the bottomless pit.

Every sexual sin, per authentic Christianity, is to become not only legal but celebrated or else. The "or else" is the arrest, imprisonment, trial, conviction, and punishment for those who refuse "re-education." That's until the state simply preforms invasive procedures on the brains of Christians. "No. I am not kidding." That's where the hardcore homosexualists and others want to take society.

How far will they actually get? That depends upon how far from Jesus Christ society strays.

There is a prophecy prophesied by Jesus that the world will fall nearly completely under the spell of the anti-Christ before the spirit of Jesus in the flesh returns to reverse things. Do I believe Jesus about it? Yes.

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