Depraved Neocons after Risen: James Risen, Times Reporter, Justice Department Dilemma

EricHolderThe failed C.I.A. action at the heart of Mr. Risen’s reporting was intended to sabotage Iran’s nuclear weapons program. Intelligence officials assigned a former Russian scientist who had defected to the United States to deliver a set of faulty blueprints for a nuclear device to an Iranian scientist. But the Russian scientist became nervous and informed the Iranians that the plans were flawed.

The Times considered publishing an article about the operation in 2003, when Mr. Risen first learned about it, but President George W. Bush’s national security adviser, Condoleezza Rice, prevailed upon the newspaper to withhold publication for the sake of national security.

“We weighed the government’s concerns and the usual editorial considerations and decided not to run the story at that time,” said a spokeswoman for The Times, Danielle Rhoades Ha.

Mr. Risen broke the story a few years later in his book.

Source: Case of James Risen, Times Reporter, Poses Dilemma for Justice Department -


Tom Usher

It sounds like a typical case of entrapment against the Iranians, which entrapment should be illegal at every level. James Risen was right to include the information in his book, and whoever leaked it was right to do so.

Numerous things could have gone wrong were the Iranians to have run with the info. The Russian scientist is also to be commended for not allowing the Iranians to be duped.

However, we don't think the Iranians even had a nuclear-weapons program or wanted one. The idea that they did has always appeared to us to have come out from false propaganda generated by Zionists and US and other neocons, who have had a long-standing vendetta against Russia due primarily to Russia's Russian Orthodox Christian denomination and its repeated refusal to allow Zionist types to come to dominate in Russia for all but the briefest of times if really at all.

The vendetta has even increased due also now to Russia's correct social conservatism concerning the issue of homosexual-sodomy promotion to the youth of the nation and the open celebration of such sodomy in general.

This same problem exists concerning Iran. Iran hasn't caved into Zionist/neocon domination financially or culturally. Iran could walk on water, but if it were to still refuse Zionist/neocon domination financially or culturally, the neocons would continue to seek to destroy the Iranian leadership's control over its own nation's affairs.

Be aware that the line between neocon and neoliberal and cultural "liberal" is being blurred when it comes to grave sexual errors, which errors definitely erode the moral strength of nations and lead to their demise on every level.

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