Rand Paul sucking up to Zionists for campaign financing

Rand_PaulRand Paul's article posted at National Review Online, "Tragedy in Israel," is one-sided tripe.

He wants the US to cut off Palestine for something he only claims has happened but for which he supplies zero evidence. Meanwhile, he doesn't mention the Palestine teens murdered in cold blood by the Israeli Defense Forces (IDF), one of which was caught on video by CNN.

Where's the proof that Hamas killed the three Israeli teens? I've seen none from anyone. Anyone who simply pronounces that Hamas did it without a lick of evidence is evil-hearted. Anyone who would attack Hamas on account of the deaths without evidence is a war criminal who should be immediately arrested and tried as such. Benjamin Netanyahu has been making the claim that Hamas did it, and he has ordered attacks on Hamas for it, which attacks have been carried out with fatal consequences. Benjamin Netanyahu has no proof Hamas did it. He has supplied the world with nothing but his words. He is a very dangerous, evil man who should not be in charge of anything but should be tried as the war criminal he clearly is (and over much more than this one incident).

For Rand Paul to support Benjamin Netanyahu's lies and evil deeds is not surprising but remains disgusting.

Rand Paul asks, "... how many more children must die before it is acceptable to cut off the flow of money to terrorists?" That's exactly what the ethnically cleansed parents of children murdered by land-thieving Zionists have wanted to know from the US for decades now.

When will the US cut off funding for Israel? When will the US demand that the racist Zionists stop stealing land, stop killing and oppressing non-Jews in Palestine (including Christians), and stop imprisoning Palestinians for no reason other than to oppress and terrorize them?

Honestly, anyone who can back Rand Paul or Hillary Clinton or Elizabeth Warren or Bernie Sanders or any of the other backers of this racist, lying, thieving, murdering Zionism, whether he or she is a libertarian, liberal, or anything else, is frowned upon by the spirit of righteousness. Don't back them. Don't vote for them.


Tom Usher

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