Immigration hasn't harmed Britons. What about in the US?

Sustained immigration over the last 20 years has not harmed British workers’ chances of finding a job and has only had a minimal impact on wage levels, according to government advisers.

They also concluded that immigration had made little difference to crime, housing, hospitals, schools or welfare payments.

Sustained immigration has not harmed Britons' employment, say government advisers - Home News - UK - The Independent.


Tom Usher

I've been watching Alex Jones and company constantly repeating that the current immigration into the US from Central America is designed to sink the US economy and usher in utter tyranny.

While I understand people not wishing to be overrun (even if immigration isn't a huge economic drain; the US is probably more like Britain than Alex imagines), the truth is that border "security" is not the solution but part of the problem in that the proper way to think is to work to change people's minds and hearts.

Alex has his guns while claiming to be a Christian: a follower of Jesus Christ who said, "... all they that take the sword shall perish with the sword." (Mat 26:52)

That verse is often misread. It's prophetic and is referring also to the life in Heaven. They won't obtain it. You may substitute in any weapon, such as a gun or guns, and the meaning will remain.

What should Alex Jones and his crew be focused upon instead? They should be striving to convince the world to do right by the children of Central America right in Central America. The US back a coup in Honduras (executed by the wealthy elite for their own self-centered, greedy, reasons) from where many of the children have been streaming. Make things right in Honduras, Alex, and the children will love it there. Get the backward-thinking leadership in the US to stop backing evil, and you will likely not have refugees from Central America to complain about.

See also: "Child Deportations Make It Harder to Advance Obama’s Border-Fund Bill"

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