INFOWARS' Lee Ann McAdoo Almost Right: "Dead Palestinians Don't Matter to Mainstream Media"

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Citizens of Planet Earth, shadow forces are using conquer-and-divide tactics to pit us against each other for their own nefarious ends. Some even use religious justification to allow this battle to rage on in hopes of jumpstarting the apocalypse. We MUST stand up to tyranny in all forms lest we have the blood of dead children on our hands.

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Tom Usher

"Israel has a right"? Lee Ann, they are land thieves. They ethnically cleans large portions of Palestine of Arabs and the indigenous peoples there, many of whom are Christians whose ancestors were Christians there going back to when Jesus walked there and taught there and was crucified there at the calling of the Talmudists who are the backbone (theological excuse/distortion) of the Zionists there now. The Zionists never had any moral high ground. They coveted that land while they were mostly in Europe and they used many acts of terrorism to get it.

So, I highly commend your compassion concerning the Palestinian children (and hope you truly share it concerning the children from Central America, which I believe you do), I suggest you read authors such as Ilan Pappe (é) and even have him on as a guest to get the facts straight on what happened and what is happening in Palestine/Israel.

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