US v. Russia, Video Interview/Debate, Robert Freedman, Oksana Boyko

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The US has a disastrous history of intervention in foreign conflicts, and as the Obama administration tries to disengage, it leaves behind the chaos of poorly thought out foreign policies. Is the US ideology-driven approach the reason for its failures overseas? And what are the prospects for cooperation between Russia and the US in an environment of growing Russophobia and anti-Americanism? Oksana is joined by Dr Robert Freedman, Visiting Professor of Political Science at Johns Hopkins University, to engage these issues.

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Tom Usher

I was wondering if Georgia would ever even come up. Georgia was the tipping point. What about the anti-missile system to be placed in Poland? Then there were all the cases of Western spies in Russia. Yes, Russian spies were caught in the US but afterwards. Plus, the US renounced the no-first-strike principle concerning nuclear weapons. The US didn't bother with UN approval for going into Iraq and on known false pretenses -- a polite way of saying a pack of lies. The list goes on and on and on. NATO expanded right to Russia's border after the US had promised it would not do that. Where does it end?

It ends with the US as global empire or fallen, unless the American people wake up and stand up to the imperialists neocons and so-called "liberal interventionists" to say to them: "No more of your insane, baseless military adventures. No more of your wicked espionage. No more of your undermining the common people of other countries in favor of greedy elitists there who will do the super-rich plutocrats' bidding."

Let's not forget the American homosexualists' agenda either, which Putin has made clear he won't stand for in Russia. That's a bigger deal than most people realize. He knows there's a clear connection, a slippery slope, that he does not want Russia sliding down. The Russian people back him on that, and the power elite in the US can't stand it because they are decadent and Putin knows it. He's trying to clean up Russia for the sake of its future, its children, while the US turns into a cesspool build upon false propaganda spewed by stealthy predators.

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