My New Approach on Hamas: "Israel Targeting Civilian with Banned Weapons | Brainwash Update" - YouTube

I used to take almost the exact same approach Abby Martin is still taking.

While I don't excuse the Zionists even slightly, I now can no longer tolerate Hamas's approach to the situation.

Fatah's leadership has renounced the use of violence against the Zionists as a means of conflict resolution. Fatah has made great strides in garnering international support for the general Palestinian cause. Even Germany has spoken out against Zionist tactics. Boycott and divestment are seriously considered and even implemented by those who never bothered with the issue not that long ago. These changes are not due to Hamas firing rockets, which only gives the Zionists something to point to where they had nothing before.

Netanyahu is a terrible leader. Without any evidence, he condemned Hamas for killing three Zionist teens and vowed to attack Hamas. American neocons and Zionists back their fellow Zionists in Israel and have a voice in US mainstream media on the subject solely because Hamas is dumb enough or wicked enough to continue firing nearly useless rockets at the Zionists. All that has accomplished is that the Zionists have gotten away with murdering that many more Gazans. Even the evil President of the United States, Barack Obama, has stated his support for Netanyahu's actions, something Obama would not have been able to do had Hamas not fired any rockets.


Tom Usher

Fatah would not have fired rockets. You don't see the Zionists blaming Fatah for the killing of teens. You don't see them attacking the West Bank. They couldn't get away with it in this Internet Age. That's a huge difference between Hamas's approach and Fatah's.

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