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David Duke

David Duke

Today, July 17, 2014, David Duke released a new video. In it, he makes clear that he is anti-racist, anti-ethnic bigotry, and for using only non-violent means to overthrow those Zionists who are racists, ethnic bigots, war criminals, liars, land thieves, and baby killers. David lauds those Jews, including in Israel, who stand up against the extremely evil ones who now control the Zionist Project. He also makes plain, so Hamas will understand that Hamas' rockets are playing right into the wicked Zionists' hands, that those rockets are pointed to by the US mainstream media as Israel's excuse to continue slaughtering innocents in Gaza.

Those are all the same things I've been writing and publishing:


Tom Usher

The rockets from Gaza, of course, were, and are, always fired in retaliation for the gross violations of the Zionists against Palestinians.

The Gazans didn't start the cycle of violence. The Zionists did that when they moved to Palestine (mostly from Europe to start with and under the guise of anti-Semitism with the "Dreyfus Affair" used as the primary excuse followed ironically later by the Nazis) because the Zionists coveted the land and planned to steal it and conquer it by military and terroristic means if necessary.

Lying, twisting, and grossly exaggerating, etc., have certainly never been below them. It's policy and an industry with them, as it has been for many others down through the ages and including at present. The Zionists do it blatantly and keep it up even after having been exposed.

The Zionists considered other land to take rather than Palestine, but settled on Palestine even though it was already settled. They reportedly used the phrase "a land without a people for a people without a land" even though Palestine was continually populated by non-Jews before and since the time that the Jews were largely dispossessed via a series of three Roman-Jewish wars from 66 AD to 135 AD, all of which wars the Jews lost. Their God was not with them.

The Roman Empire was the instrument of their punishment, and the covetous should have been corrected by the experience. Some people just seem to be too thickheaded to learn humility and other virtues.

Well, the Palestinians fought back physically against the Zionists and many of the Palestinians continue to try to do so and even though they do not have the weaponry to defeat the Zionists, who are supplied by the US that has pledged by federal statute to maintain the racist Zionists' quantitative and qualitative edge in weaponry against all of the enemies the Zionists make. The US does that because of self-styled Christian-Zionist (false Christians) support in the US, without which support, the US would never have made such a pledge.

The US supplies the money to the Zionist that is earmarked for weapons purchases from the US. The US taxpayers are paying US weapons manufacturers to the tune of billions of United States dollars per year to supply the Zionists with free weapons and ammunition to use to savagely oppress millions of non-Jews in Palestine and Israel and to threaten and attack Israel's neighbors and others in the region and beyond if the Zionists feel the urge. They even have a nuclear-weapons program that initially they concealed from the US government and which they developed via plans stolen from the US by Zionist spies in the US.

So you hate David Duke because decades ago he was in the KKK? Do you honestly hold to the position that a man can't change, that he can't stop, turn, repent, and work to atone? If that's your view, then you and I certainly can't walk together into Heaven.

David called on God to bless the courageous Jews who stand up to their fellow tribe members. I will take it one step further.

May God bless the wrongheaded Zionists with the truth of their wickedness (the Zionists who have been stealing Palestinian land and homes and murdering and imprisoning and torturing Palestinians with impunity and with the backing of wicked non-Jewish Zionists around the globe and especially right here in my own country, The United States of America). May God open their eyes and ears and hearts and minds to the truth that they are wrong and must stop, turn, repent, and work to atone to the best of their ability.

I'm sure David agrees with me.

Here's David's video:

Update: August 1, 2014:

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