US Bases Claims Against Russia on Fake, Out-of-Context Social-Media Video?

Marie Harf

Marie Harf

State Department Deputy Spokesperson Marie Harf is so almost sure ("nothing's 100%") and says the US has based its assessments about the downing of MH17 first and foremost on social media and "common sense."

However, Paul Joseph Watson reports that the social media content cited by Marie Harf was fake and spun out of context, that the plane wasn't the airliner but a different plane, a cargo plane.

In the face of the Russians releasing what they have and the US refusing to do likewise, US mainstream media (yes, that includes Al Jazeera English for American consumption) spews psychological-ops propaganda trying to lump together everything coming out of the anti-Western imperialism camp. It's a typical weak ploy. Rather than confront the Russian's official statements, they prop up straw men next to the facts and knock down the straw men while hoping you'll be stupid enough not to notice that Russia's official statements are still right there unaddressed.

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