US: Images Allegedly Prove Russia Attacking Ukraine

The Washington Post:

Washington released images that it said prove Russia is shooting across the border into Ukraine to support separatists.

As fighting continues in east Ukraine, U.S. releases images said to implicate Russia - The Washington Post.

Here's one of the images for your consideration as to whether it rises to the necessary evidentiary standard for the US government to be accusing Russia so that NATO can occupy Ukraine.


Here's another image for comparison sake. It's from the same outfit (Digital Globe) that supplied the one above. It's not higher resolution not because they don't have the capability but because there are laws against such entities publicly releasing their highest-res images.


Keep in mind that Russia has reserved the right to hit back, and it has said that Ukraine has hit inside Russia. That said, Russia has denied that it has done what the US interpretation of the images claim.

Ordinarily I'd post such images as thumbnails; but because this is a matter of war or peace on a potentially huge scale, I decided that, without doubt, the use of the images in this brief report's context constitutes legally protected "fair use" concerning any copyright claims. Anyway, let them sue Google. It's been tried and has failed. This site if not a second-class citizen to Google's site with fewer legal rights. In fact, this is a news story where Google "Images" is just a database of images with little to no news context beyond the images themselves.

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