Netanyahu Dances Around His War Crimes

MIDEAST ISRAEL PALESTINIANS CONFLICTU.S. National Security Adviser Susan Rice told MSNBC television in a July 28 interview that the U.S. “fully supports Israel’s right to self-defense” and that it can’t be expected to tolerate sustained rocket fire or the use of tunnels for “kidnapping or murder operations.”

Gaza Violence Intensifies as Netanyahu Seeks Disarmament - Bloomberg.

Here's what matters concerning this latest Zionist attack on Gaza.

Hamas wasn't responsible for the kidnapping or murder of the three Israeli teenagers. Netanyahu knows that.

Hamas did not fire rockets until after Israel attacked Hamas.

The Likudniks keep changing the reasons for why it is attacking. It went from the murder of the three teens and on through a series of other reasons to now rockets and tunnels. Netanyahu keeps changing the reasons to throw you off the original ostensible reason: the three boys. He does that because he knows that it has come out that Hamas didn't touch those three boys. Netanyahu knows that if his original reason doesn't stand up, then he's clearly guilty of war crimes. He doesn't want that to be the subject in the US mainstream media.

Changing the subject is a psychological ploy. Have you fallen for it, or will you keep the attention where it should be: Netanyahu's, Israel's war crimes?

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