US Obliged to Grant Asylum From Political Persecution, Violence?

A narrow majority of Americans (53 percent) say the United States does not have a moral obligation to offer asylum to those seeking an escape from political persecution or violence in their home countries. And like most political issues, this one comes with a partisan divide. Among Democrats, 57 percent say the U.S. has an obligation to accept such asylum seekers, while 66 percent of Republicans say the nation does not. Independents tilt toward Republicans on this question: 51 percent say the U.S. isn't obliged to accommodate those seeking asylum, while 39 percent say it is.

Source: 5 things to know on the AP-GfK immigration poll | Wichita Eagle.


Tom Usher

The people who say the US is not obligated would feel differently were the shoe on the other foot, if they were fleeing persecution or violence and blocked at a national border. They lack sufficient empathy. It's a sad commentary on a large swathe of the American public.

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