Netanyahu Lied About West Bank Kidnapping

Do you remember the original excuse Netanyahu plastered everywhere for why the Zionists are attacking Gaza?

Richard Silverstein:

gazaboy...the kidnapping of three Israeli youth in the West Bank, which began the death spiral leading to the current tragedy, was not planned, authorized or carried out by Hamas. “Hamas did it” is the uber-narrative exploited by Netanyahu when he sent 10,000 IDF troops into the West Bank purportedly to search for the victims and the perpetrators (whom Israel still has not found). Israelis conducted a massive pogrom with seven Palestinians shot dead, 500 arrested (most of whom had nothing to do with the kidnapping) and the wholesale ransacking of thousands of homes.
... Yisrael Ha-Yom, Bibiton, Bibi’s personal political shmatteh, inadvertently confirms that its patron lied (Hebrew). If you peel away the hasbara and posturing in the first sentence, it leaves you with the unavoidable conclusion, “Bibi lied:”

Hamas had planned a summer campaign that it expected would extract it from the strategic-political-economic predicament in which it had become trapped. In unplanned fashion, it ultimately happened in the form of the kidnapping of young boys, about which it had no prior knowledge.

Gaza War, Day 24: 61 IDF Soldiers Killed, 1,458 Palestinians Killed, 9,000 Homes Destroyed, Bibi Lied About West Bank Kidnapping Tikun-Olam Tikun Olam-תיקון עולם.

Netanyahu hasn't mentioned in a long time the kidnapped and murdered Israeli-Jewish-teenage boys as the excuse for attacking Hamas. He baited and switched to rockets and then tunnels. Baiting and switching is fraudulent. In Netanyahu's situation, it's just more of his sin heaped upon his mountain of sin.

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