Watch This! David Duke Proves Israeli Genocide in Gaza - YouTube

Get over being intimidated by the fear you may have of being associated with a former KKK member. David Duke has openly denounced racism. He deserves, as everyone deserves, to be forgiven for things sincerely repented. Frankly, David's video here is going a long way to atone for whatever mistakes he made earlier in life.

David Duke

David Duke

He isn't speaking against the biological Jew in some blanket fashion. In other videos, he's praised Jews who are standing up against the Zionists and Likudniks.

You'll see in this video that he cites Ilan Pappe, a Jewish historian and expert on the ethnic cleansing of Palestine, as Ilan wrote the book David shows in support of David's thesis, which David completely supports with hard, undeniable facts.

It is also obvious that David has true compassion for, and experiences sympathy and empathy concerning, the Palestinians and without a hint of bigotry towards them on account of their Semitism. Yes, they're mostly Semitic.

I won't quibble here. I do think John Kerry is a bit (perhaps more) the closet anti-Zionist. I think many Jews are. They need to develop the kind of backbone David has shown.

That said, I fully support this video of David's. You should too.

David Duke proves Israeli crime of genocide in Gaza:

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