I Almost Completely Agree: "William Rivers Pitt | The Dumpster Fire of Obama's Moral Authority"

William Rivers Pitt:

TheLiarWhy is the president bending over backwards for what is demonstrably a CIA that has gone dangerously rogue? It might have something to do with the fact that the current CIA Director, John Brennan, was up to his neck in the torture program while a member of the Bush administration, and is now the CIA director because Mr. Obama nominated him. Yes, it just might.

The whole thing reeks of a cover-up, but don't get too sanctimonious about it. They were "patriots," and we were "afraid," and besides, it was just "some folks" who were tortured.
The presidency of Barack Obama ended on Friday, August 1st, 2014, as far as I am concerned. He'll sit in that round room until January of 2017, but he can go peddle his platitudes elsewhere. By lining up with and defending the torturers, he has added his name to the roll call of shame that continues to dishonor this nation. I no longer have any interest in what he has to say.

William Rivers Pitt | The Dumpster Fire of Obama's Moral Authority.


Tom Usher

For me, Obama's "Presidency" never began. I knew he was a huge phony before he even announced his candidacy, and I said so at the time. He's a gigantic liar and cover-up artist. He encourages that false propaganda underpin his administration.

Here's my own post (four days before Pitt's) on that statement from Barack Obama: CIA "tortured some folks": Barack Obama, John Brennan, Dianne Feinstein, George W. Bush, John Ashcroft.

Are you going to continue falling for what Barack Obama is claiming against Vladimir Putin? Don't forget all the lies he was caught in concerning Edward Snowden.

Over and over, Obama would open his mouth claiming something does or doesn't happen, and documents from Edward would be released showing/proving Obama is nothing but an abject liar.

The Obama administration is a neocon/Zionist-infested cesspool filled with professional liars and con artists. And we're all supposed to think homosexuality is just fine too and all based upon the same sort of distortions and half-truths Obama has used concerning just about every subject he's touched: healthcare, Iran, Ukraine, torture, blanket domestic-spying, GMO's, lobbyists in his administration, banksters, whistleblowers, extra-judicial killing (murder on his say-so alone; no due process, not even attempted) of US citizens, and on and on and on.

Look at what Benjamin Netanyahu has been getting away with while Obama covers for him. Look at Netanyahu calling for the US to not allow Netanyahu and the other Israeli war criminals to be held accountable.

That's what Obama does best, isn't it, allow the perpetrators to walk unrepentant, unbowed? Sure it is. He's one of them. He's a social climber of social climbers. He'll suck up to whomever until his own tribe is obscenely rich (in mammon) royalty (in Hell), just like Bill and Hillary Clinton.

What the United States of America needs is an anti-Zionist President, Legislature, and Judiciary, all at the same time.

Zionism is unmitigated poison. It is nationalism (racism in this case) to the obvious exclusion of open democracy (open democracy for which the United States ostensibly stands). It is poison for Jew and Gentile alike.

What the United States of America needs is truth-seekers and -tellers running all things. That precludes Zionists. It needs to repent of all its sins, which are legion. It needs to be the opposite of greedy, war-like, and sexually depraved (which necessarily means returning to the absolutely certain truth that homosex is contrary to sanity).

It is critical that people stop voting for the lesser of evils. If the Republican and Democratic Parties won't allow righteousness, pull down the Republican and Democratic Parties. Have a revolution. It doesn't have to be violent.

As a pacifist, I advocate a peaceful revolution. I won't engage in the violent overthrow of the lawless regime now running things. We have to stop stooping to their level. We have to raise the people's expectations for righteousness.

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