Elaborating on: Reagan and the [not] Great Man in history — Crooked Timber

Have you ever noticed how when you've been thinking about something, it pops up somewhere that someone else has been thinking very much along the same lines? Well here's a link to an article that fits that concerning me: Reagan and the Great Man in history — Crooked Timber.

Official_Portrait_of_President_Reagan_1981If you want to understand what gives with Reagan and the Republicans, simply know that it's all about trying to eclipse FDR and the New Deal.

FDRThe dumbest thing the Democrats have done is run from FDR's and JFK's legacies. You can thank Bill Clinton for that.

JFKNeither FDR nor JFK was perfect, but Reagan was truly a mental midget relative to them.

Personally, I think that had JFK not been assassinated, he would have gone down in history as the best president this country ever had.

Here's the typical myopic Reagan for you: Ronald Reagan stuck it to millennials: A college debt history lesson no one tells - Salon.com. That's just the tip of the iceberg.

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