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President Barack Obama's authorization of air strikes on ISIS targets in Iraq serves as an opportunity to remind ourselves which countries are bankrolling the deadly terror group.

There's a great deal of truth in what Lee Ann McAdoo and Alex Jones are saying, but I'm not buying it that Barack Obama isn't more inept than not. Lee Ann seems to want to say it.

I'm gathering that possibility from her complaint that Obama drones people he shouldn't and then holds back when dealing with pure evil. Exactly how much of that she attributes to Obama's ineptitude versus what Alex is alleging (a smoke screen with a bit of wrist slapping) remains unclear.

Contrary to Alex's assertion, splitting Iraq was not the plan. It was always obvious that there were at least three main regions, and Joe Biden suggested that deliberately splitting Iraq that way would likely head off what's happening now; but Joe's idea was shot down. Alex is just wrong that the US had to cause all of what's happened in order to split Iraq. Splitting Iraq could have been done by US decree long ago, long before the US began to wind down there. If it had been the plan, it would have happened long before now.

Lee Ann McAdoo

Lee Ann McAdoo

We knew before the war that Saddam was a strongman keeping a lid on sectarianism. We knew that about Libya and Syria too. Egypt has come full circle.

If you recall, the claim was that the US wanted Iraq's oil and Libya's oil. Look at the mess and the fact that the US has turned its back for the most part. This is why I say it's been as much gross ineptitude as anything else.

George W. Bush forced the de-Baathification of Iraq. He was heavily criticized during that process for it. It was a stupid move. Obama inherited that but managed it very poorly, just as he's handled foreign policy in general.

The fact of the matter is, he's not very bright. He's weak and more indecisive than may appear. He's easily bullied and cowed by the Zionists, the neocons.

Why Vladimir Putin has allowed him to slaughter Russian civilians and destroy their cities in Eastern Ukraine has perplexed many, including the Russians in Eastern Ukraine. What's the difference with what happened in Georgia and South Ossetia? Would Putin not have rolled into South Ossetia to save the Russians there had he been the President at the time? I'm not counting him out, but he sure appeared to tuck tail over night. He said he would not allow the ethnic Russians in Ukraine to be trampled and slaughtered. Well, they've been greatly trampled upon. Thousands have been murdered and their homes and other buildings destroyed. It's not been unlike what's happened in Gaza, except the Israelis out gun the Ukrainian military and Gaza is such an easy, almost completely defenseless, target.

Of course, I'm analyzing all of this from the secular perspective. I'm actually opposed to all of the militarism.

"Ukrainians flee war horrors, Kiev warns of final countdown for Donetsk & Lugansk":

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