Time US Changes Policy on Syria: Assad on Gaza, Saudi Arabia, Arab Spring

Syrian President Bashar al Assad's inaugural address, July 16, 2014:

Bashar al Assad did not believe that an open democracy in Syria could survive the Wahhabists. As a Baathist, he had already allowed for a great deal of neoliberalism. Where did that get him? The West was ready to overthrow him before the Arab Spring ever began.

Syrian President in ParisI think he should have tried very hard to reform as much as possible right away, but I still sympathize with his view that Wahhabism would have had none of it and would have moved to take full advantage of a more open society.

As things stand now, the US needs to back off trying to overthrow him so that ISIS doesn't survive.

Look at the US helping the Kurds who are backed by Iran against ISIS.

The US has to stop aiding and abetting a group (ISIS) on the Syrian side of the Syrian/Iraqi border while bombing that same group ISIS on the other side of the border.

The US has to stop listening to the Zionist who keep harping that Iran is the great danger when Iran isn't remotely as problematic as are the Wahhabists, who make no bones about being out for Islamic global domination by military means.

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