Must Watch Video: Stop the War's John Rees Why NATO/US Huge Threat to Peace

The story that Russian tanks were streaming into Ukraine was a total lie. Liberals and Progressives are being systematically duped by mainstream corporate media that's nearly totally controlled by the same Neoconservative liars (many self-styled "liberal interventionists") who brought the world the pack of deliberate lies leading up to the invasion and occupation of Iraq. Look what that did. Don't be their dupe! Remember Vietnam.

They are twisting everything Vladimir Putin does or says. He's not a saint, but he has shown great restraint and has an excellent case against NATO (US foreign policy). When he's compared against Barack Obama, Vladimir Putin has been consistently vastly more right than wrong in all of this.

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Published on Sep 1, 2014

Stop the War's John Rees on why NATO -- on the coat tails of the United States -- is such a threat to peace and how we can mobilise to stop the relentless drive for more war in Ukraine, the Middle East and beyond.

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