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If the current trend or trajectory continues, Christian-hunts will replace witch-hunts.

...Gordon is not on a level playing field with the City of Salem or the Lynn Public School system. The latter two are public governmental entities. The First Amendment of our Constitution protects Gordon, a private, faith-based organization, from the coercive power of the state. No one is forced to attend Gordon College or agree with its theology, and the school has the Constitutional right to set its own parameters for association. It is our government that may not discriminate on the basis of religion, and yet that is precisely what Salem and now Lynn have done. Local governmental entities must not overstep their Constitutional boundaries in an attempt to silence and intimidate those with whom they disagree. People of all faiths should clearly denounce these violations of our religious liberty.

Source: Massachusetts: ‘Lynn-Tolerance’ Against Christians | CitizenLink.

Tell me why Christians were supposed to be tolerant of homosexuals back in the 1960's and '70's? That is what I was told back then: we are to be tolerant. Had the Christians known then what is becoming clear now, would they have advocated "tolerance"?

Frankly, I never condoned homosexuality. I didn't beat up homosexuals but rather stood up for them against such attacks. That was before I was a Christian.

The thanks I'm getting now is being called false names and being told that I should be tortured for being opposed to homosexuality.

Hmmm, this is why Noah preached what he did. How long will Christians remain Christians, meaning how long will they remain non-violent in the face of being attacked?

How many in the Homosexual Movement actually realize that they represent the temptation that is the evil of violence and killing? How many of them realize that sexual depravity is tied directly to violence (and greed)?

How much difference is there between what the Takfiri "Islamic State" is doing vis-a-vis Christians and what is going on in Lynn, Massachusetts? Just how depraved are the depraved capable of becoming right here in the US? What are the homosexuals willing to do do be able to continue breaking down the remaining barriers between sexual morality and sexual anarchy?

"Walter Lee Williams admits to federal sex offense":

Williams and Arlington were both members of the Buddhist Universal Association in Los Angeles, which espoused an ideology of “extreme sexual freedoms,” according to the FBI.

Walter Lee Williams:

As a teenager in Atlanta in the 1960s, he was inspired by Martin Luther King to get involved in the civil rights movement, and in 1978 he switched to gay activism due to Anita Bryant’s Save Our Children campaign.


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