Excellent but: "The Bible and the Gay Debate | Psephizo"

I have clarified and elaborated upon this post in another more recent one entitled, "Elaboration on Theologian Ian Paul & Handling Homosexuality." Please read this post and then that one. The link is repeated at the end of this post for your convenience.

Ian Paul (theologian, writer, speaker) is Associate Minister at St Nic's, Nottingham and Honorary Assistant Professor at the University of Nottingham. On the question of homosexuality being acceptable in Christianity, he writes:

...this continues to be a significant mission issue. Do we really want to make this the issue which inhibits people coming to faith?

The Bible and the Gay Debate | Psephizo.

My response is that it, among other issues, is definitely a litmus test and will remain so.

Those who continue holding to the notion that homosexuality and Christianity are compatible will fall away from Christianity more and more until they finally stop claiming to be Christian.

They will not prevail in redefining Jesus's teachings on the subject.

The pattern has already shown itself. Each attempt at distorting Christianity fails one after another. They will give up.

The number of Christians is not our concern. Our concern is with truth.

Those who listen and refuse to hear, are lost. Those who hear but fall away and don't return, are lost. That's just the way of it.


Tom Usher

In addition, the term "gay" is deliberate obfuscation (reverse pejoration), and Christians should not use it as the label for homosexuals. Even "homosexuality" was an attempt at reverse pejoration, as it was designed to replace the term "Sodomite" or, in "vulgar" English, the term "bugger" (a person considered contemptible for committing buggery: in the case of male homosexuality, using the anus as if it is a vagina).

Further clarification/elaboration: "Elaboration on Theologian Ian Paul & Handling Homosexuality."

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