Eric Holder: "most right-wing attorney general in US history" - World Socialist Web Site


Holder’s real legacy includes, without making a complete list: providing pseudo-legal sanction for assassination of US citizens, military commissions, and incommunicado detention; shielding war criminals, corporate criminals, and Bush-era officials from prosecution; persecuting whistleblowers and journalists; targeting protesters and antiwar activists under antiterror laws; asserting unlimited executive powers; justifying government secrecy; deporting immigrants en masse; abetting the expansion of illegal domestic spying; slashing wages and benefits for workers; and infiltrating authoritarian and fascistic legal doctrines into American jurisprudence.
... He should be remembered as the most right-wing attorney general in US history thus far, a crusader for dictatorship and an enemy of the working class. For his role in the numerous conspiracies to subvert democratic rights, including with respect to the illegal assassinations of civilians, he deserves to be arrested, indicted and prosecuted.

Source: The legacy of US Attorney General Eric Holder - World Socialist Web Site.

Shielding the George W. Bush administration leadership was the worst offense followed closely by shielding the banksters.

Within my lifetime, I believe Alberto Gonzales was more right-wing, but Eric Holder got away with it more (so far).

In addition to many of the things mentioned above, the libertarians have a long list of complaints, not the least of which is "Fast and Furious."


Tom Usher

Of course, there are anarchist libertarians versus more socially-conservative libertarians. The latter simply hate the fact that as AG, Holder simply would pick and choose which laws to enforce. I must admit that I don't remember any AG (or President) before openly stating that he would not enforce a federal law (regardless of whether the law happened to be in the courts a great deal, such as homosexual "marriage"). It was always my understanding that law enforcement had to follow the Supreme Court, not be out in front of it whether right or wrong. To pick and choose on issues that are undecided at the time, even being decided differently by different federal courts, is to make law rather than execute it (as the executive branch). He took an oath to faithfully execute....

Honestly, the types of things that federal office holders have been getting away with beginning with George W. Bush is amazing when compared to Watergate, where Republicans were often as disgusted as Democrats in many ways, sometimes more effectively.

Today, the Democrats, even the so-called liberal ones, almost always turn a blind eye.

The fact is, the US has shown a great deal of deep-seated corruption in so-called high places. I consider it lawless.

Tom Usher

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