What's going on? Ukraine "involves human-rights atrocities comparable to Israel-Palestine, yet even 'Democracy Now' reports it like the NYT reports Israel-Palestine"

A friend of mine messaged me with the following:

It's good to find at least one other person who understands what's going on in Ukraine. This involves human-rights atrocities comparable to Israel-Palestine, yet even "Democracy Now" reports it like the NYT reports Israel-Palestine. I don't get it . . . some on the "Left" who ought to know better appear to have bought into the corporate media saturated lies and omissions.

At least DN has had Stephen F. Cohen on as a guest several times; his most recent appearance (that I'm aware of) was also during Israel's latest concentrated genocidal actions in Gaza; Cohen's appearance was preceded by an extended report on that--which was exactly what you would expect from DN. Cohen wasn't given much time, so he effective shamed both hosts then present--Amy Goodman and Juan Gonzales--about their corporatist, faulty coverage of Kiev-Eastern Ukraine, and stated that the report they had just done before he came on--on Gaza--that, exactly the same thing was simultaneously happening in Eastern Ukraine, and why weren't they covering that?

Amy and Juan both looked pretty sheepish at that, and had no response. I just don't get it--why is DN acting like the NYT on this? And why are so many other prominent, Left public intellectuals so conspicuous by their silence? As Cohen keeps (practically) screaming, this has the very real, proximate and near-term possibility of escalating into, effectively, a nuclear Armageddon.

No one outside knows whom, if anyone, is advising Obama on this--aside from the PNAC, lunatic-fringe "hawks" Obama has surrounded himself with. Even Henry Kissinger, who meets with Vladimir Putin twice each year to discuss world affairs, and has done so for many years, cannot get an audience with Obama--and he has tried, several times. Just a few policy-wise individuals and academics/experts, including Kissinger, Cohen and John Meersheimer, have spoken out--but most of the media ignores them (including DN); the MSM has taken to character assassination against them.

Just the human rights atrocities alone should make this prominently, heavily and accurately covered by the "Left" media, such as it is; and the global implications of the kind of scenario Stephen Cohen points out could, again, lead, quickly, to the nuclear annihilation of most life on the planet.

Why the silence and/or complicity by the "Left" on this? It just makes no sense to me, none at all . . . Can you enlighten me at all on this? If/when you have a minute, I would appreciate your feedback.

Here's what I told him:


Tom Usher

No problem. I hope what I relate below will help you.

As you know, the liberal left is not the same thing as the democratic-socialist left.

Once you then look at that democratic-socialist left, you have to divide it into where the emphasis is placed: anti-"democratic-capitalism" imperialism versus the "social-liberal" facet.

The social liberals amongst the liberal left (which isn't very left in terms of fiscal policies) and also amongst the socialists, even the social democrats (who are, as you know, mostly just left-leaning-mixed-economy types), hate Putin and his party for its "conservative" social policies. They hate that about them more than they hate Western neoliberal-imperialism. Those social liberals would rather back libertarian-capitalists of the Reason.com variety than allow Putin to continue. They'd rather have neocons running the show backing the Right Sector, et al., than allow the Russians in Eastern Ukraine, who are mostly decidedly anti-fascist and anti-neoliberal/neoconservative but not anti-Putin and his relatively conservative views concerning the Orthodox Church and what are called "family values" over here.

As you know, I'm a pacifist. I'm not for coercing people. Even with that, I'm very unpopular on both the right and left because leftists who are opposed to radically liberal (actually anarchistic) sexual mores, are a tiny, tiny minority in the West. Democracy Now fits that anarchistic strain.

I'm actually more tolerated by the right than the left, even though I'm a Christian socialist of the New Testament Acts variety. You'd think the libertarians would hate me more than the social liberals do, but it's not the case. The libertarians are fine with me because I'm not out to coerce them into socialism.

The social liberals, on the other hand, rail against me no matter that I'm a pacifist and anti-capitalist. Of course, many social liberals, as I alluded to above, are often so-called classical liberals (laissez-faire capitalists).

So, I suppose you can boil it down to that I'm saying that social-anarcho-whatevers stick together on that first. Issues of peace and economic justice come in a far-distant second. For me, it's nearly the opposite, though I do necessarily believe in freedom and liberty. I just define those first in terms of peace and economic justice. I think Putin does also.

I relate better to Putin than I ever thought I would. I suspect he covered up the Moscow apartment bombings carried out by Russian intelligence as a pretext to crush the Chechens. I think he has recently, however, shown much greater maturity and restraint and that he has clearly grown immensely in office. I pray he can keep as much peace as possible over there. He's been walking a tightrope over a minefield, and Obama is obviously both stupid and insane.

Now, since I'm being very open with you. Let me add that there is a huge Zionist component. Zionists generally hate Russia for its rising Christianity and see that as a rising threat to their plans for first Middle-Eastern dominance and then global dominance in the first position (no longer as Jews in high places in national governments but as the new global hegemons). They have simply been using the US to those ends. They'll drop the US in an instant when they can put together a stronger Zionist coalition.

Yes, Cohen is obviously a Jew, as are others you mentioned. They are of the realist school and willing to forego some things for others. Democracy Now is not realist but ideological, not willing to prioritize gains, not willing to sacrifice the sexual "liberation"/anarchy for the sake of peace and a "more perfect" economic system.

That's how I see it right now.


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