Bisexual Son of Lesbian Parents: What It's Like to Face the LGBT Inquisition

Read this: What It's Like To Face The LGBT Inquisition.

It's insane. What typical young orphan in an orphanage doesn't yearn for both a father and a mother to love him or her? Why would any homosexual couple, whether male or female, not understand that two men can't take the place of a mother or that two women can't take the place of a father?


Tom Usher

I was a single parent and raised my daughter for many years knowing full well that she was deprived of a mother in the house. How could I deny it and consider myself even remotely honest?

Of course she would have been better off with both parents: father and mother. Only the most extenuating circumstances makes the absence of either understandable. As I said, there are orphans. Homes can also become too broken to be healthier together than separate. It doesn't excuse the wickedness that breaks a home, but it is the truth and must be faced.

What is the matter with this brave new world that a bisexual man raised by two lesbians has to face what he deems an inquisition simply for speaking the truth that he felt deprived of a father? He was deprived of a father.

Why is the world dumbing down so?

Well, the truth of his statement threatens the LGBT "marriage" narrative, doesn't it. Note the absence of the question mark there.

There is something profoundly wrong with any movement where the truth is a threat.

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