What the Hell Is He Saying? Pope Says God Not 'A Magician, With A Magic Wand'


...according to the pontiff, believers should not view God as "a magician, with a magic wand."

Source: Pope Says God Not 'A Magician, With A Magic Wand' : The Two-Way : NPR.

What does that mean? Of course, Christian shouldn't view God as a magician; but what is Francis' exact view on it?

Look, I don't think he's thinking about it correctly. I based that upon all the other controversial things he's said and done where he never bothers to elaborate in ways showing he is fully consistent with the Gospel text.

So what is the right way of looking at God vis-a-vis magic, etc.?

Magic is either fake, as in the Las Vegas show variety (entertaining but still simply sleight of hand) or it is a term meaning supernatural but with the origin of the power unknown. That's not what Francis is saying though. He's saying that God is not the author of amazing miracles.

Now, he may not intend to be going that far; but his constant failure to flesh out matters leaves his statements able to include such sweeping conclusions. He leaves atheist and homosexuals and others simply gleeful. He aids in misleading billions of souls.


Tom Usher

Let me be clear. I adhere to theistic evolution. I also believe in intelligent design, which is actually redundant. Theistic evolution is holding with intelligent design, by definition. Intelligent design, contrary to the impression given in the linked article, is also not a relatively new concept but rather quite ancient. It far predates the "Scientific Creationism" of what are termed biblical fundamentalists and literalists. To be further clear though, I also believe that God certainly had the power to instantly create an entire universe that appears to be the product of a big bang of tens of billions of years prior.

Do I think that's what God did? No. However, there's absolutely no way of proving it either way.

How does Francis square his statement with Jesus performing miracles? How does he square it with Jesus sayings about the power of God?

Perhaps the whole thing with Francis is bad translations and bad reporting, though I doubt it.

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