Fall of The Progressive [Alex Jones Hogwash!] Cancer Barack Obama - YouTube

Though I like plenty of stuff I hear from Alex Jones, the stuff he's spewing in this video is purely false propaganda.

Obama fooled people (not I) into thinking he was a Progressive. Then he let the banksters off the hook. He said he was for single-payer health insurance. Then he didn't even attempt to get it passed. The list of things he talked up to get elected and then backed away from is extremely long.


Tom Usher

The Democratic Party lost for two main reasons. People protested Obama via voting for Republicans, and the seats contested were in more Red states. It will be different next time.

The Dems didn't lose because of some tidal shift to idiotic laissez-faire capitalism, far from it. They lost because they've been running away from the New Deal (the best program this nation ever had) for decades and just did more of it under Obama, a man of Wall Street.

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