Snippet: On Social Issues, Let Democrats Be The Crazy Ones

The Democratic Party is doing a terrible job when I agree with this Republican on all of the following:

109976480Hooray for the harassment of pastors and small business owners! Who doesn’t want people of the opposite sex to be welcome in their public restrooms? Aren’t we all excited to hear about schools where teachers are discouraged from referring to children as “boys” and “girls”?
Children are dramatically better off growing up in a household with two stable, married parents. They are better off with fathers, and boys especially do much better with a paternal presence in their home. (It’s possible moms contribute something, too.) Having a sense of family history, and a strong feeling of connectedness to an extended family, helps kids to face challenges with greater confidence. Putting these points into one big picture, it’s hard not to see a pretty strong endorsement of a traditional family model.

Even when bound by civil marriage, homosexual couples have shown less stability than heterosexual couples. Same-sex families don’t provide children with both a father and a mother. Also, because same-sex couples lack the wherewithal to make a child naturally, they must rely on various workarounds to replace the natural process, necessarily diminishing a child’s natural connectedness to a larger family. Lesbians acquire sperm from men who likely will not be invited to assume a paternal role in children’s lives. Gay couples commission women to carry babies for them, with the intention of tearing them away from their mothers shortly after birth. As everyone understands, it isn’t always possible for children to be raised by their biological family. But endorsing same-sex parenting as a new norm cannot but undermine our appreciation of family ties, which are so critical to children’s well-being.
...Meanwhile, liberals will probably help us out by continuing their crusades for gender eradication, polyamorous marriage, and other developments that moderate voters tend to see as a bridge too far, and definitely not optimal for kids.
Instead of scrambling pathetically for eleventh-hour Progressive credentials, let’s settle for being honest, sensible, and circumspect. Allow Americans to see what we on the Right already know: Liberal progressives are crazy. And they’ll keep acting crazy until somebody stops them.

Source: On Social Issues, Let Democrats Be The Crazy Ones.

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