A Must Watch: 'Money Creation & Society' Debate in UK Parliament - YouTube

It begins. This forces the issues into the mainstream, finally!

If monetary and banking reform is done correctly, all other things being equal, it will eliminate worldly poverty from the Earth.

Of course, the debate in Parliament didn't cover all the refinements I've been advocating, but it is a great start.

The chamber is relatively empty, but this movement has legs. Politicians there and here are going to be pressed on the issues more and more and more.

I'm glad I've had a small hand in getting this issue rolling. I've hammered and hammered and hammered on it.

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Tom Usher

Unfortunately, the "big" names that were dropped in the debate will get the credit; but others and I (a tiny handful) know who really brought this issue back to life.

For instance, Dennis Kucinich deserves much credit because he listened to those promoting it and even presented legislation, I backed with qualifications I've mentioned elsewhere on this blog and in other venues both public and private.

On Thursday 20th November 2014, for the first time in 170 years, UK parliament has debated the creation of money. Few people know that 97% of our money supply is created not by the government (or the central bank), but by commercial banks in the form of loans.

As the results of our recent poll show, most MPs lack a sufficient understanding of money creation. A worrying number of our MPs do not understand where money comes from. This leaves them ill-equipped to predict another financial crisis, deal with rising debt, housing bubbles or understand a fundamental driver of inequality.

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