Want to double world food production? Return the land to small farmers! - The Ecologist

This is interesting and runs contrary to what the general population is taught by the mainstream.

382169...small farms are often more productive than large ones.

If the yields achieved by Kenya's small farmers were matched by the country's large-scale operations, the country's agricultural output would double. In Central America, the region's food production would triple. If Russia's big farms were as productive as its small ones, output would increase by a factor of six.

Source: Want to double world food production? Return the land to small farmers! - The Ecologist.

We need small, organic farms because they grow a variety and treat the soil (and the whole environment/ecology) vastly better.

Now, if larger farmers want to model their farms on organic and smaller-plot concepts, then that's another story.

However, there are many other factors that come into play, which is why we mentioned the "whole." We must be concerned with carbon-fuel use in production, processing, and transportation, etc. That's just the tip of the iceberg of concerns.

Mainstream politicians are in the pocket of Big Agriculture, which isn't about ecology but money first and foremost — a recipe for disaster.

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