Tom's Brief Take On: "On the Duggars and the Locus of Outrage | Homeschoolers Anonymous"

A Facebook friend posted on this: On the Duggars and the Locus of Outrage | Homeschoolers Anonymous.19-kids

I commented on her post as follows:

Disclosure: I have never watched the Duggars and had never even heard of them before the petition.

Women do not have to "submit" in the sense the article or the Duggars mean (if the quote in the article is sufficient for judging the Duggars' position on that matter). What women ought never to do (but often do) is use sex as a tool to control, to reward or to punish.

Women, however, certainly should not be expected to perform sex when they are truly too tired or are sick or have any other legitimate reason (including being upset/turned off for just cause).

However, women should always put forth sincere and concerted effort to work things out.

Naturally, what I just said requires reasonable and understanding husbands.

What's actually missing in the article (or did I miss it?) is the Duggars overpopulating.

Lastly, the mere act of opposing homosexuality is not synonymous with "homophobia" (an irrational fear of homosexuals, per se). I oppose homosexuality, as you know, but do not have an irrational fear of homosexuals.

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