I'm Glad I Now Know What Happened: “Palestine is not an environment story,” by Nafeez Ahmed

"...my remit was to cover 'the geopolitics of environmental, energy and economic crises.'”

Source: “Palestine is not an environment story” — Medium.

1204141When I first read Nafeez's article about the "Israeli" Zionists seeking total control over Gaza's offshore gas knowing that Nafeez was the "Environmental" writer for The Guardian, I wondered to myself just how long writing more than a bit wide of the commonly understood (usage) "Environmental" mark would last. I further thought that Nafeez remit should be immediately widened there at The Guardian because his interests and so forth run far beyond what is typically categorized as particularly "environmental."

Well, as the short quote above indicates, his remit already did that. Therefore, and in conjuntion with the contract provision Nafeez restated in his blog post (linked above), it is abundantly clear that he was wrongfully terminated by The Guardian's resident chief-Zionist.

All I can say to Nafeez is what he already knew: welcome to the club.

I had to leave Northern Arizona University and finish my undergraduate degree at Arizona State University because of a resident Zionist in the Political Science Department at NAU. I was downgraded severely and specifically for my open anti-Zionism.

Hardcore Zionists always seek to punish truth-seekers and -speakers. Times were even worse then. At least now, people are developing the excellent longterm trend that they won't stand for not being able to speak the truth about the Zionist Project and all of its truly evil beginnings, history, and current policies and practices.


Tom Usher

For all practical purposes, Zionism was, and still is, racism; and being anti-that (anti-Zionism) is definitely not, nor has it ever been, synonymous with being anti-Semitic or anti-Jew, as being Semitic and being Jewish are also not synonymous.

Nafeez Ahmed's linked article is, frankly, the most important article he has ever published. I highly recommend you read it, absorb it, and stand up with him (and me) against the sheer evil that is Zionism.

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