Truth: "Ukraine: A year after Maidan, 'nothing has changed for the better'"

Post-Maidan, civil rights in Ukraine have been systematically crushed by neoliberals and Western imperialists. Do you support that? I don't.



I was, and remain, anti-Maidan because pro-Maidan "liberals" are the dupes of greedy, violent, plutocrats and their willing minions.

If you want to stand up for true-liberal reforms, you cannot support the plutocrats who have taken over in Ukraine. You cannot echo their endless pack of lies about Russia (not that Russia is perfect).

Sadly, a year of post-Maidan reality has brought obvious setbacks for civil liberties. The Yanukovich regime provided its opponents with incomparably greater freedoms than the Russian, Belarusian or Kazakh colleagues of the deposed Ukrainian president allowed their critics. During the Yanukovich years the opposition in Kyiv had been able to mount political protests freely, while the radical nationalists had encountered no problems in training their youth in militarised camps. In February 2013, less than a year before the beginning of the Euromaidan, ultra-right militants armed with knives had seized the building of the Kyiv Rada, unfurling racist flags bearing the “Celtic cross”. None of the participants in this incident was charged, even though in the US or EU the perpetrators of such an attack would undoubtedly have received long prison sentences.


Tom Usher

Immediately after the victory of the Euromaidan, however, the situation changed sharply.

Source: Ukraine: A year after Maidan, 'nothing has changed for the better' | Links International Journal of Socialist Renewal.

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