Human Rights Watch: War Criminal Poroshenko/Kiev Used Cluster & Incendiary Munitions in Populated Areas

The international watchdog Human Rights Watch has condemned alleged war crimes in the east of Ukraine. The organisation released three reports - saying the [Ukrainian] army [control by Plutocrat Poroshenko in Kiev] had used cluster and incendiary munitions in populated areas.

What will Barack Obama say about his ally doing that? He'll try to avoid that question while he spreads the Big Lie that Russia has its military troops in Donbass by the thousands, just like Iraq had WMD and Iran had a nuclear-weapons program (that Obama was forced to stop claiming). He won't mention that Poroshenko's military never stopped firing on civilian areas, even though there was supposed to be a ceasefire.

It was Poroshenko constantly breaking the agreement which finally caused the Donetsk People's Republic to go on the offensive to drive Poroshenko's army far enough away that it will no longer shell cities and towns in Donetsk, killing innocent civilians (women, children, old people) who just don't want to live under a Western-controlled plutocracy/neoliberal austerity-regime.

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