For Homosexuals, CA Supreme Court Unanimously, Blatantly Violates US Bill of Rights

When the California Supreme Court voted last week to prohibit state judges from belonging to nonprofit youth organizations that practice discrimination [against homosexuals], Julia Kelety was not surprised.
Barbara Kronlund, a judge in the San Joaquin County Superior Court and the mother of a Scout, wrote to express her concern that the ruling would lead to the "infringement of my right to free exercise of religion as guaranteed by the 1st Amendment."
...attorneys cited the "wide-ranging and deleterious implications" for other youth organizations, including many religious organizations.

"The proposal creates an unconstitutional test for public office, threatens the constitutional rights of California judges, and states unabashedly that it is designed to punish the Boy Scouts of America by prohibiting California judges from participating in that group's activities," ....

LA Times - State high court's vote affecting Scout affiliation stirs debate anew.

Churches are often nonprofit. Many have youth ministries built right into them. How will the California Supreme Court be able to enforce telling judges that they may not belong to any such church without the California Supreme Court's position violating the Bill of Rights?

That homosexuality is a sin is an irrefutable doctrine of Christianity. Are the justices on the California Supreme Court claiming to be more moral than Jesus Christ? Hell has a place for people who think that about themselves while promoting homosex. There's no place in Heaven for them, thank God!

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