US Senator Ted Cruz, Republican of Texas: Dangerous, Raving, Zionist Shill

“They’ve been negotiating for two years. This is the worst negotiation in the history of mankind,” Cruz said, predicting that Iran will soon be able to launch nuclear strikes against “Tel Aviv, New York or Los Angeles.” “The problem with Iran is Khomeini and the mullahs are radical Islamic nutcases,” he said.

Source: Rand Paul Confronts Rubio And Cruz: 'Are You Ready To Send Ground Troops Into Iran?' | ThinkProgress.

The nutcase there is US Senator Ted Cruz, Republican of Texas. He is a raving Zionist shill.

Iran has no nuclear-weapons program, period! What's more, Cruz knows it.

Anyone who would let Ted Cruz near the nuclear button needs his head examined. He would make a horrendously poor President or Vice President and not just because of his idiotic views about Iran.

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