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"And the multitude of them that believed were of one heart and of one soul: neither said any of them that ought of the things which he possessed was his own; but they had all things common." (Acts 4:32) Oh, those were supposedly (according to Alex Jones ideology) some nasty, stupid, evil, failed disciples of Jesus Christ who lived with Jesus with one purse. Imagine that.

Any group of people who live collectively sharing ownership all together equally is doomed to fail under the worst tyranny and enslavement says Alex Jones, who apparently has never even heard of the Hutterites who live exactly that way by the tens of thousands and aren't enslaved at all relative to Alex. Oh, and they're pacifists too.

I wonder if Alex is going to take his money with him and all of his "private" property, including his guns, when he goes to Heaven. Hmmm, aren't we supposed to pray for Heaven to come to the Earth? Now exactly what is the difference between what Alex is calling for and what we're supposed to be actually wanting here on Earth? Don't you think the Hutterites are quite a bit closer to it than Alex is? Well, I sure do.

Don't worry about it though. Alex could read this over and over and not let it slow him down running down the wrong path yelling for all of you to follow him. He'll stop once in a while though to profess Jesus anyway and quote a bit of scripture but then immediately launch into what is diametrically the opposite.

Let me put it bluntly. To Hell with libertarian capitalism. To Hell with anarcho-capitalism. It stinks to high Heaven. The whole spirit of it is self-centered, selfish, and frankly, greedy. There is no capitalism in Heaven because it didn't come from there. Guess where it came from. That's right. It came from the opposite of Heaven, which is Hell.

I try to be easy on Alex, but I'm getting tired of hearing him lead millions astray into darkness while calling it light.

He raves about Thomas Jefferson. Jefferson had his own children living in slave quarters because he wouldn't own up to the fact that they were his half-black offspring. That was while he was married to someone else other than their mother too. Some example. Some libertarian he was. Alex puts down the Freemasons, has guests on who rave against the Freemasons, but then turns around and lionizes George Washington, arguably the most powerful Freemason the world has ever known (the father of our country that has turned into a Freemason Empire). Get a clue! This isn't a Christian nation and never has been. The leading "Founding Fathers" were Freemasons and deists, not Christians doing what the Hutterites are doing, not seeking anything remotely close to it but mostly huge private estates, a new aristocracy where Blacks were slaves and women couldn't even vote.

Libertarianism isn't the only evil Alex pushes. He pushes Anthropogenic Global Warming denial. Honestly, he doesn't know the difference between weather and climate. He honestly wants you to be so dumb as to believe that all the carbon burning is doing nothing to warm the planet. All the carbon burning that wasn't happening before is completely neutral. How dumb are you to believe that? What else would he have you believe, that smoking tobacco doesn't cause lung cancer? The same group of people shilling for Big Oil and Old King Coal shilled for the tobacco industry and were caught lying. They are professional liars!

If we don't curb the carbon burning or do what it takes to capture it enough and to store it, Alex Jones will be telling you there's no AGW even when there's no ice at all in the Arctic in the summer. He only listens to one side, the libertarian side. He never reads what the 90% of climate scientists are certain about and their constantly unfolding research results concerning the ups and downs of weather while the long-term trend line of climate change is going up: getting warmer and warmer.

He talks about chemtrails. What does he think they're for? We have volcanic ash spewing that dims the sun light so it doesn't enter to get trapped. We have the oceans absorbing more heat. There are variables, but it would take more ash than is being produced to stop the global-warming cycle. Maybe Alex can pray to Satan for a huge ash-spewing volcano to stop AGW for a decade.

Here's the piece of garbage video from Alex Jones that I responded to on YouTube as per the above.

Alex Jones covers the news and breaks down how every facet of the global warming lie is collapsing.

The Global Warming That Wasn't - YouTube [account banned by YouTube].

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