Totally Wrong!: "They're not 'Islamic Terrorists'" ~ Thom Hartmann | YouTube

Sometimes Thom Hartmann is great. Sometimes he's clueless. This is one of those times.

Here's the message I left him:

Thom, you are not a theologian. You are very far from a Christian or Islamic scholar.

How dare you conflate the Nazis with Christianity. The Nazis were pagans.

More importantly, you completely miss the point that the groups and people you mention in the same breath with Christianity were not doing what Jesus Christ said to do. At the same time, you completely ignore, and/or are completely ignorant about, that the ISIS is actually following the Qur'an and the most accepted Hadith.

What is known as the "sword verse" in the Qur'an is a contextual commandment that when anyone breaks a treaty upon which Muslims have a right to depend (such as violates international law today) and afflicts or persecutes or attacks innocent Muslims (such as by blowing up whole wedding parties, which has been done so many times by the US that I have lost count), every able-bodied Muslim male must fight those persecutors just as the followers of Mohammed fought in the Qur'an. ISIS is doing just that while the self-styled "moderate" Muslims are sitting on their rear ends in denial pretending to be Islamic and suffering from an extreme, collective case of cognitive dissonance.

There is no such thing as a Christian terrorist. The KKK members are Christian in name only. They are not Christians merely by claiming to be.

You are spreading wholesale garbage.

Boko Haram is slaughtering people who profess to be Christians, Thom.

ISIS has designs on world domination. They plan to take down the American Empire. They'll fight anyone who gets in the way, including so-called "moderate Muslims": fake Muslims.


Tom Usher

You are completely wrong that I am saying ISIS has a legitimate religious basis. Do you know why? It's because I'm saying their religion isn't legitimate. I'm saying Mohammed was wrong. He was a slave creator. He sold people into slavery. He divvied up the spoils of wars and allowed his troops to rape captives. Get a clue, Thom.

The KKK can't use the New Testament to justify anything you said.

Finally, I'm not affiliated with FOX News. I'm more economically progressive than you are.

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