If the US Were as Israel, Only the Insane Would Call it a Modern Democracy. Here's Why.

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Law of Return

"I'm not ashamed of my faith, but I do not want problems. Who knows? Then my family may have trouble because of me, and no one needs", - she says.

The amendment to the Law of Return, the right of Jews set forth in this Act, "also apply to the children and grandchildren of Jews, as well as the spouse of a Jew, his children and grandchildren - with the exception of those who were Jewish, but voluntarily changed his religion."

Over the years, Jews who hid in obtaining citizenship from the authorities that they have a different religion, converted to Christianity or subsequently declared themselves Messianic Jews, deprived of citizenship. But this year the High Court of Justice accepted the appeal of Messianic Jews and recognized their right to return, if only the father was a Jew, not a mother."

Source: Baptized Israel, or Orthodox in the Holy Land, by Xenia Svetlov, For BBCRussian.com, Jerusalem. Russian original.

Imagine if the US were to have had restrictions based on the dominant religion (Christianity) which restrictions had been so strong that the above would be considered a huge relaxation. Imagine then that the US were calling itself a modern, strong democracy and that it had been even before the tiny exception to the restrictive immigration based upon one religion and one main (albeit genetically vaguely determinable as of yet concerning "Jewish") ethnicity, say Anglo-Saxon.

Israel Shamir makes no secret that he is Orthodox.

Israel Shamir makes no secret that he is Orthodox.

Known translator and journalist Israel Shamir - one of the few who are not afraid to speak openly about their faith. In the past, political dissident, he came to Israel as a staunch Zionist, served in the elite airborne troops took part in the 1973 war. Today Shamir, the man with the name of Israel in the world, is Orthodox.
Shamir accused of fascism, anti-Semitism, anti-Zionism ... Perhaps no public figure is not in relation to itself such hostility, as Israel Shamir.

I've read plenty of Israel Shamir's writings and watched him in videos, etc. He is no fascist, far from it. He opposes the fascism of political Zionism. Neither is he anti-Jew. He does look at Zionism's history without the rose-colored glasses on. He understands the Nakba.

The Wikipedia Zionistically (deceptively; the Wikipedia is controlled by Zionists) calls the Nakba the "Palestinian exodus" rather than "Palestinian catastrophe." Nakba does not mean "exodus."

This is a vastly better article to understand the Nakba: "The Catastrophe, Al Nakba: How Palestine Became Israel," by Alison Weir. If Americans Knew. Last Updated April 2013.

Read the "Notes" there too. They are packed.

As packed as that article is, it only gives an overview. It doesn't even hit every highlight because there are so many. It does cite enough sources that if one checks into them and then studies the issues raised, one will obtain a very deep understanding of what's been going on, on the political and secular levels. For a religious, financial, and economic understanding, one must deliberately study the religions involved (in addition to finance and economics; especially banking and monetary reform) and do a great deal of thinking for oneself.

If you do want to read the Wiki article, here it is. I'm not saying not to read it. Reading it gives insight into Zionist propaganda to cover up, downplay, and excuse their legal actions and inactions. This section is perhaps the most important: "Debate on the causes of the Palestinian exodus."

You will note the repeated use of the term "balanced." That's a psychological ploy by Zionists. It's designed to attempt to get the reader to falsely believe that the Zionist's have a legitimate side to the story, that the Zionist version is worthy of further consideration or even agreement after reading it.

I'm not opposed to people reading and hearing that false narrative versus the correct narrative. I'm only opposed to people agreeing with the false narrative after having read and heard the anti-Zionist facts.

You will also note who gets the last word in that section. It's the person (Political Zionist Bennie Morris) who excused the clear terrorism used to get the people to flee, people who have yet been allowed to return (which blocking is definitely illegal under international law).

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